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Hi Naturally Stefanie Crew! My name is Ivy and Im obsessed with Mangos and Green juice! To make a long story short about 11 years ago I was really really sick. I was in and out of the hospital, put on awful prescription medications that only seemed to make things worse. It was in that time that I wanted to take back control over my health and dive deeper into connection with my body. I did not want other people to communicate the messages my body was after all, sending me! It was around this time I fell in love with juice and the way it made me feel. As I began to get more clarity and understanding my love for juice grew and my knowledge of the depth and complexity of the body grew also. I wanted to help everyone around me and if I didn’t know how, I wanted learn for them, so I could them help others in their similar situation. 
Here I am 5 years into owning my own juice company, and now a certified herbalist, my crazy concoctions are still developing and my love affair with ” the green stuff” continues. Below are some of my most favorite juicing tips.
Plan a head: So much easier said than done. But know you will need to make  a mess in your kitchen. Purchase produce ahead of time, when your feeling great and focused. You WILL have days when you JUST DONT FEEL LIKE IT. Plan a head for those, and be prepared.
Storing Juice: Store juice in sealable glass containters, and make sure the containers are FULL to the top so air cannot kill the enzymes and create bacteria. Mason jars work great, old komchua bottles work awesome, or even old cleanse drinkbar bottles, just make sure everything is clean to prevent spoilage. Juices should be stored no more than three days, however, lemon acts as a preservative and can give your juices a little bit longer in the fridge. Also remember, KEEP THEM COLD. ALWAYS. ALWAYS ALWAYS.
Eating and Juicing. Remember Juice is best on an empty stomach and by itself. Sometimes, however that is just not possible. In our #30daysofjuice there is NO RULES.  Drink your juice with a bowlof ice cream or a burger, we don’t care. JUST GET IT IN.  This is a judge free challenge and a chance for you to create great habits. The likely hood of you consuming your juice while dowing fries is not high, however, should it happen, ITS OK. ITS CALLED LIFE AND A WAY TO GET THAT JUICE IN AND A POTATO, its  a vegetable, right?
FRUIT/ VEGETABLE RATIO. Now I know I said there was no rules, and THERE IS NOT. But, try to get your juices at least 70% vegetable or higher. If you get in all apple and carrot, THAT IS OK. Just when you CAN focus on it, or are preparing for a few days worth of juice, stick to cucumber and celery as your base, and add in fruit AT THE END, making sure you got in all your leafy greens.
Purchasing Juice: Now we all know making juice at home is best, but sometimes it is not practical and that is what drinkbar is for! When you are out in about, try to get vegetable based juices, NONHPP, and ALL ORGANIC. It is extremely important to reach for organic, as juicing pesticides is never a great idea!

ORGANIC Is so important!! Try your best when juicing at home to buy all organic and if you cannot find it, try to substitute when possible, I.E. spinach for kale. etc.

1 medium FUJI APPLE 

4-5 kale Leaves, ( STEM AND ALL)

2-3 celery stalks

1-2 medium cucumbers ( peel included, unless not organic then peel)

1 half lemon, cut off peel.

knuckle size of ginger. ( I like alot, 🙂 but if this is your first time, start very very small, nickle size or less.)

It is important to follow the kale with a base, i.e. cucumber or celery. This will help push the juice out from the leafy kale. You can add more apple to your liking, although less is best when we are discussing a daily green juice!
Also, add a plastic grocery bag into pulp shoot for easy clean up. Making this easy, will make you more likely to do it.
Juicing enough for several days is also recommended, but make sure you close them in tightly sealed jars. Canning jars work great, but so does other bottles. Glass is best, but anything to make juicing easy IS GOOD.
Juicing 101 EBOOK. A How To Juice At Home. Plus shopping guides, recipes and More.
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