Indoors or outdoors, city or suburb, it doesn’t matter where you workout, so long as you get it done! I have found myself between all 4 situations in my fitness journey, it just depends where you are and when! Lately I have spent a lot of time outdoors in the fresh air, getting some me time whilst getting a sweat on. Where I live there is a mix of suburb and city, concrete jungle stairs and tree filled streets. I find the nature filled pathways to be refreshing and naturalistic whilst the concrete foundations to be great for mixing up the cardio. Why just run pathways when you can run stairs? Take your green pathways and turn them into nature trails, take your outdoor staircases and turn them into hills – these make for great hiit training!

I am bringing you this blogpost with Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR. With this watch you can choose to break free from the old and typical and burst into the new .. turn your city into your circuit. I have been running pathways at steady speed and then taking to the stairs for some hiit and plyometrics. Try jump squats, lunges, toe touches and stair sprints on your outdoor run and really mix up that routine.

Taking the Suunto Spartan Wrist HR I am able to track my heart rate between my steady state runs and my HIIT to really see how both are affecting my body, I love mixing the two up! The best thing about it is the convenience of having this function in a watch. How easy is it to wear a watch whilst exercising?! Suunto watches take it a step further, rather than just recording basic exercise you can pre select a specific exercise to get a more accurate response: i.e. I selected the running sports mode. So whether you are in the gym, running outdoors, cycling or swimming, Suunto has got you covered!

To check them out and find out more for yourself click here to visit their store now!
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