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A back workout? But why would a women want to have big manly back muscles protruding through her clothes?! Ladies, drop the attitude that weights make you bulky. Weight training is AMAZING for transforming your whole body; it builds lean tight muscles which accentuate your curves, burns fat and leaves you looking and feeling like superwomen. Honestly there is nothing more satisfying than walking into a weights room and smashing out a heavy workout. The problem in society is too much focus has been placed on starvation diets and cardio, and not enough importance placed on weight training. Most women don’t understand that weight training is how they can shape their bodies!

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How does lifting weights make you fat?!

1. It is the driving force behind your metabolism

2. The primary source of energy for muscle is fat

and thus … The more muscle you have on your body the more fat you burn and the more calories you burn. If you have a certain amount of muscle on your body you can eat a reasonable diet without gaining weight. This is called a good metabolism … and we all want one of those!

So here is the rundown of my back workout I have been doing for several months:

1. Bent over rows: place bumper plates on a barbell, keeping your back straight and abs engaged, squat down to pick the bar up. Once in place drive the bar towards your lower stomach using your elbows to lead the way. Make sure you are squeezing those back muscles together

2. Dumbell rows: grasp a dumbell, place yourself on a bench with one hand and knee on it, pull the dumbbell up towards your hip, again driving with your elbow

3. Cable rows: using cables, sit on the floor, pull the weight towards your chest and hold for 1-2 seconds to squeeze your back muscles

4. Straight arm pull downs:  on the cables again, using a straight bar and stepping back so your arms are extended, keeping the arms straight, pull the bar down by contracting the lats until your hands are next to the side of the thighs 

5. Lat pull downs: there are various ways to do these but I like using the lat pull down machine rather than cables. The machine pretty much tells you what to do but over hand grip the handles, grip wider than shoulder width and pull down so your elbows are going towards your rib cage