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Ful size laniSo they have done it again. Lani have produced a second product and dare i say it may even be better than the first! Previously i had introduced you to Lani tropical hair treatment; a hand sized blue bottle filled with the most glorious mixture of oils to nourish your hair. Well let me introduce you to Lani tropical body treatment; a hand sized pink bottle filled with the most glorious mixture of oils to nourish your body. Now i know what you might be thinking … oil all over your skin, ew how greasy! Let me put your mind at ease! Lani is magnificent, it is almost like a dry oil which soaks right into the skin immediately, smells like you have just had a very expensive essential oil massage and nourishes you from the outside in! Once a week i indulge in Lani after a delightful bubble bath and exfoliation to leave my skin irresistibly smooth to the touch and smelling like fresh flowers. Head over to my youtube channel to hear my talk more about Lani HERE or check out the website HERE for yourself !

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Beauty starts from within, that is why i eat a (mainly wholefood) plant based diet to nourish my body from the inside out. I also only use 100% natural, good quality, vegan friendly, cruelty free products on my body as around 75-100% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream … scary right?! I wanted to share with you some of my everyday beauty essentials!

1. LANI:  I have ranted and raved about Lani since the day i started using it! Lani is a mixture of the most beautiful oils and the range of products include skincare, body care and hair care so i can nourish my whole body with just one company! I love you Lani, you tropical ray of sunshine

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2. TRULY ORGANIC: Truly Organic skincare range includes this glorious body wash made of fruits and veggies from nature. Just drizzle some on a loofah and get scrubbing! It smells DIVINE.

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3. SPIN FOR PERFECT SKIN: I have always had trouble getting all of my makeup off my face at night, having little bits left here and there and then resulting in breakouts! I also suffer from pretty dry skin, especially on my face! Spin for perfect skin is a rotating face brush that cleanses and exfoliates the face removing excess dirt, oils and dead skin! Combined with Lani skin oil, my face has never felt so good!

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4. BOTANICAL TEETH WHITENING: I have wanted to whiten my teeth for a while now but did not want to do it with nasty chemicals that would damage my teeth in the long run, behold the botanical system! 30-40 minutes a day and hello whiter smile!

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Time to get beautiful naturally


Hello Lani! This is a lifesaver, a 100% natural and tropical hair treatment that has drastically helped my damaged hair! When i regrettably dyed my hair 6 months ago i noticed it was very dry and well…damaged! Before i had dyed my hair i had long natural brown hair that was soft and shiny, so i needed something that would get my hair back to this! Lani is a combination of natural oils that are full of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and will nourish, revitalise and hydrate your hair from root to tip. I have tried coconut oil on its own to help my hair but it was no where near as good as Lani. Of course Lani is 100% vegan, cruelty free and not tested on animals so that is another big bonus!

Ful size lani

Not only does Lani help with damaged hair, but it also helps to retain moisture, add shine to your hair, tame frizz and protect against future damage and split ends! This little bottle available HERE comes in at £10.99 but is well worth the price. You literally need a droplet or two or the oil blend to smooth through your hair coating it from root to tip. You can leave it in for 30 minutes or do as i do and leave it in over night for the best results! The simply wash it out the next day! I use Lani once a week in my hair so i can imagine this little bottle will last me a good few months, then i will definitely be getting some more!

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You know when you get a new makeup product and you love it so much you sit and apply it 13762910475700 times a day just to look at yourself in the mirror with it on? Yeah that has happened to me. I came across a new luxury vegan lipstick brand on instagram called “Axiology Beauty” and am now the proud owner of two new gorgeous lippies.

vegan lipstick


I am a firm believer of living a natural lifestyle and for me that ranges from what i put in my body via eating and what i put on my body via skincare and cosmetics. Axiology beauty products DO NOT contain any chemicals or synthetics but rather contain natural and organic derived ingredients to produce earth-based tones for truly kissable lips. Not only that but the cardboard packaging for each lipstick is made from recycled products. Oh and one more thing, they also donate a percentage of profits to organisations that heal the planet and save wild animals. This is the kind of company i like to support. Not Mac or Clinique or any other careless brands on the high street.

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