Green machine super smoothie

Hi guys!  It has been a while since i last made a post here … this is due to my university exams coming up in one week .. eeeeeeeek! So to power me through my long study sessions i need good food, high energy brain food! So what is better than a banana smoothie? A banana smoothie with green stuff! Normally I would advocate putting in real food not powdered versions, but i like to keep my green smoothies to a minimum so i only drink them maybe twice a week (i prefer chocolate smoothies 😉 ). So buying large packs of spinach and other greens for smoothies ends up in the bin and that is just a waste. Therefore i ventured out to holland and barrat to purchase some green boost powder. And here is the delicious sweet smoothie:



~ 8 large extra ripe bananas

~ 1 (10g) serving of green boost powder

~ 1 scoop vanilla vegan protein powder (for the muscle gains 😉 )

~ 1 cup pure coconut water


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